Woman’s lips looked like ‘raw meat’ after ‘baby oil injected instead of filler’

A woman claims her lips looked like ‘raw meat’ after baby oil was allegedly injected into them instead of filler.

Kerry Miles, 35, says her lips doubled in size after the alleged botched job.

She says just an hour after the half-an-hour procedure, her lips were burning and blistered.

Kerry later decided to have the lip filler drained and claims a doctor told her the filler appeared to have been mixed with another substance like baby oil.

It has since taken Kerry two years to get her lips back to normal after the ordeal, she says.

But despite her devastation and pain, the mum-of-one from Chelmsford, Essex, says she isn’t deterred from having her lips done.

Kerry’s lips after she had the lip filler procedure done

After finding a clinic online that she thought was reputable, Kerry had booked her treatment and paid £250 for the lip filler.

Kerry, a model and promoter, said: “I picked a reputable clinic but I had doubts as soon as I turned up.

“The house was rundown and looked grubby, there was even a dog running around.

“It didn’t look very hygienic but I wanted my lips done and she had good reviews.

“She was mixing the filler in front of me and I’m certain she was using some sort of household oil.”

The mum has spoken out about her ordeal

She added: “I’ve never had a reaction to filler before but this was horrific.

“I couldn’t go outdoors for days as the pain was so bad and I looked awful.

“I phoned her to complain but she told me I wasn’t drinking enough water and I should massage my lips to make them the right shape.

“When I had the filler drained by a doctor I was told that the filler had been mixed with baby oil, I was so shocked.

“It has taken years to get them back to normal but thankfully I am now happy with them.”

Kerry says when she had her lips drained a doctor said the filler had been mixed with baby oil

Kerry went on to have more filler to try and disguise her lumpy lips but it took years to dissolve.

She added: “It wouldn’t dissolve like normal filler as it was a mixture of substances.

“I should never have trusted her with my face.

“I have also had Botox, vampire facials and a nose job to try and perfect my face.

“The experience hasn’t put me off having my lips done as I still get them done now.

“I’m just extremely careful about who I chose now after everything I went through a few years ago.”

She said she was in pain after the lip filler job

Kerry’s idol is Barbie and she has spent thousands on procedures to try and improve her looks.

She added: “I enjoy improving my body and keeping my face looking youthful.

“I wouldn’t warn people not to have lip fillers but I would say do your research.

“I was left feeling so embarrassed after my ordeal and now I’m always over cautious.”

“I’ve never had a reaction to filler before but this was horrific,” Kerry said

Kerry says she conducts background checks on everyone she books for her fillers now.

“I should have trusted my instincts when the house I arrived at wasn’t clean but I learnt the hard way,” she said.

“I hope others can learn from my mistakes.”

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