Theresa May’s Brexit deal could bring down the government says Iain Duncan Smith

Theresa May’s Brexit deal could bring down her government, ex-minister Iain Duncan Smith has warned.

The alert came as Tory Cabinet ministers were tonight hauled one-by-one into Downing Street after the UK and EU finally reached a draft deal.

If Mrs May’s top team backs her, it would pave the way for an emergency EU summit in Brussels at the end of the month.

She is desperate to win the backing of her Cabinet by midnight on Wednesday so EU leaders can ink the summit in their diaries.

Failure would dramatically raise the possibility of a no-deal Brexit , forcing Whitehall departments to trigger a wave of moves needed for departure without a pact.

And the former Work and Pensions Secretary told reporters the early details of the deal that had been leaked to Irish news outlet RTE suggest Mrs May’s days ‘could be numbered.’

RTE reported the UK will enter a temporary UK-wide customs agreement with Brussels, with special provisions for Northern Ireland.

It would be “deeper” on customs and alignment with single market rules than for the rest of the UK.

Asked if the government’s days were numbered, Mr Duncan Smith said “If this is the case, the answer is almost certainly yes.”

And asked when it could fall, he said: “I don’t make predictions. Only if this is the case, the government puts itself in an impossible position because they will be trying to promote something which they themselves said they would never promote.

“That makes it impossible. How can you ask the party to vote for something which you yourself as Prime Minister and the Cabinet said they would never ever allow?”

“If they [the reports] are correct the answer is they’re breaking their own agreed position and will be bringing something back which is untenable.”

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