Postal workers horrified after PYTHON put in mail by ‘cruel’ sender

Stunned postal workers have voiced their horror after discovering someone had tried to post a live python in a parcel.

The snake was found inside a package in Malaysia.

Postal firm Pos Laju described the incident as “cruel”.

A spokesman said its staff had been put at risk, and it amounted to animal abuse.

The parcel – which was labeled ‘football boots’ – was opened after the python moved inside.

In a statement the company told New Straits Times : “We would like to stress that the act of sending animals, including insects, eggs, larva, birds and tusks are strictly prohibited.

The snake was found inside the package

“As a reminder to our customers, we will reject or confiscate the packages.”

The package was addressed to a student hall in Penang, in the northwest of the country.

Pictures of the snake have gone viral after they were posted online.

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