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Stella McCartney has been designing wedding looks for years for customers, friends, family — and herself for years. And now, leveraging the success of the dress she designed for the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding reception in May, McCartney is launching, Made with Love, a bridal line including eight dresses and an ivory tuxedo, reports @natalietheodosi . “I feel very protective over the bride, because I know what it was like when I got married, and for me to do my own wedding dress. There are moments that are so personal and private, so emotional and loaded with many different issues,” McCartney told WWD in an interview in June. “I think we are really blessed to have the emotional trust with a woman. She’ll come in and feel the love that we put into everything. What she chooses can be conventional or unconventional. It’s a personal experience.” #wwdnews #stellamccartney #bridaldress

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