Dog dies after eating sausages laced with ‘enough rat poison to kill an elephant’

A beloved German shepherd died after eating sausages said to have been laced with “enough rat poison to kill an elephant”.

Battz, a black 18-month-old dog, collapsed within minutes of eating the sausages on Halloween.

His owner, Kim Unitt, today told Cornwall Live her family has been left distraught.

“Battz was my companion, my friend and my soul mate. I known dogs don’t speak back to you but Battz understood when I was happy and sad and was there to comfort me when I felt down,” the mum-of-three said.

She believes the cooked sausages had been thrown into her back garden in St Austell, Cornwall.

The furious mother added: “Who would do such a thing to a dog is beyond me.

“It’s sickening and I think it was a targeted attack against Battz for some reason or another because the vet said the rat poison in the sausages he ate were in such great quantity only a professional could have got hold of it.

The mum says the sausages Battz ate had been thrown into her garden

“I’m just devastated and so are my children.”

Ms Unitt said her dog was in the garden doing its business on Halloween when she noticed him eating something off the ground.

She brought the pet back into the house and within minutes Battz collapsed.

Ms Unitt called the vet but by the time she turned up and filled in some paperwork Battz was dead.

She added: “The vet said Battz ingested so much rats poison there was enough toxins in his body to kill an elephant.

Battz ate sausages laced with ‘enough rat poison to kill an elephant’

“Not only that but my children could have picked them up and could have been poisoned too.

“Battz was good as gold and I haven’t upset anyone. I really don’t get why someone would want to hurt or kill him. It’s just sick.

“We’re all heartbroken.”

For Ms Unitt, it is the second time her pet dog has died. The first was when Battz’ brother was very young and died of an allergy.

Ms Unit is determined to investigate the incident further

“Battz was everything to me. I know that in time I’ll get another dog. The children want a smaller dog. But he was my motivation. He was why I’d get up i the morning. he was my friend and now he’s gone.”

Ms Unitt said she has made contact with the police and an investigation into the incident has been launched.

Devon and Cornwall Police has been contacted for comment.

She added: “I think it was someone jealous of him. He was a cuddle monster, he wanted cuddles basically from everyone who came through the door and he was just so loving I don’t understand how anybody could have done this to him.

“I just want everyone to be aware that there are nasty people out there”.

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