Data Sheet—How ‘Humans Plus Machines’ Sometimes Becomes ‘Humans Versus Machines’

All over but the shouting. The end is near for Amazon’s HQ2 search, or more precisely HQ2 and HQ3 search, as it turns out. Ceremonies are expected today in New York and Virginia.

The right stuff. Following similar moves by other tech giants, Airbnb and eBay say they will stop requiring employees to take sexual harassment claims to private arbitration, BuzzFeed reports. Apple and Lyft also changed their policies but didn’t say when. Tesla, Slack, and Netflix declined to comment to the web site. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Uber have previously ended their policies on forced arbitration, as well.

The wrong stuff. The co-founder and group CEO of Flipkart, Binny Bansal, is resigning after an internal investigation found “lapses in judgement” and “a lack of transparency” around allegations of personal misconduct, the company and its new majority owner, Walmart, said in a statement. Bansal had denied the allegations. Kalyan Krishnamurthy, who runs the company’s main e-commerce unit, is a possible replacement.

Welcome to the Thunderdome. Google’s self-driving car unit, Waymo, is just weeks away from announcing the first commercial driverless car service, Bloomberg reports. The service will be offered in the Phoenix metro area under an unknown brand name. Stay tuned.

Flying high. Cloud cybersecurity firm Netskope raised $169 million in a new round of venture capital that valued the company at $1 billion or more. Subscription-based revenue has risen 75% this year, CEO and co-founder Sanjay Beri tells Fortune without getting too specific. “An IPO is definitely on our trajectory,” Beri said.

Crash and burn. As Adam mentioned, it was another terrible day on Wall Street for tech stocks. Reports that Apple might be falling short of expectations on iPhone sales drove its stock down 5%. Other tech bellwethers suffered as well. Amazon lost 4%; Microsoft, Google parent Alphabet, and Netflix all fell 3%; and Facebook dropped 2%. Speaking of Facebook, the social network suffered from sporadic outages across the globe on Monday. Facebook said a “routine test” had caused the problem and was quickly corrected. Google also suffered a strange partial outage on Monday after some of its web traffic was misdirected to China Telecom and a Russian carrier.

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