Brexit deal live: Updates as Theresa May summons cabinet ministers to emergency meeting

Nigel Dodds: DUP could vote down the deal

DUP Westminster leader Nigel Dodds warned his party’s 10 MPs could vote down the deal.
Mr Dodds said he had to “see the details” but warned the deal as reported was “unacceptable”.

He also threatened to defeat Mrs May on elements of the Budget – and would not rule out the end of the £1.5bn ‘confidence and supply’ agreement propping her in power.

Mr Dodds said: “We have a common interest with people across the Conservative and Unionist Party in preserving the UK and delivering on what the people voted for in the Brexit referendum.

“We have also friends in the Labour Party who take the same stance.

“And I’m very very confident that across the piece in Parliament, people will look at this and say ‘what does this do to our precious union, what does it do for the UK in the decades ahead?”

He added: “We have to see the details of it but it appears to be a UK wide customs arrangement but deeper implications for Northern Ireland both on customs and single market.

“If that means taking the rules and laws set in Brussels, not in Westminster or Belfast, that is unacceptable.”

Asked if it was the end of the confidence and supply arrangement he said: “The confidence supply arrangement is one we have in terms of making sure the government delivers on a stable government and delivers on Brexit and the other priorities that we have.

“We’re very clear about what Brexit means.

“Let us see what transpires in the course of the next few days and weeks.”We are very focused on delivering a proper breakfast – er, Brexit for the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and we will ensure that happens.”

Asked if he could use the Finance Bill – which enacts the Budget – to voice his displeasure he replied: “The Finance Bill has a long way to go through Parliament. There will be lots of opportunities for amendments.”

If there are any checks at all between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, he added, “that would be a breach of the Prime Minister’s pledges to the people of Northern Ireland, the pledges she made to the people of the UK.

”So we at that stage will obviously look at all of this. We’ll see how this goes. “I think there are many people in the Conservative and Unionist Party who will not stand for this kind of approach either.”

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